"Martabak manis or sweet martabak is a very thick " pancake " with the traditional filling are chocolate sprinkle , cheese , crush peanut , condense milk combine in one."



"Martabak telor or savory martabak is made with thin stretched dough which is gathered and overlayed onto egg , minced meat filling , yellow onions and scallions."


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Voted as the " Best Pancakes of Philly 2019 " by Philadelphia magazine.An expert in Indonesian street - food brings the delicious martabak to Philadelphia in the form of a great little restaurant called " Martabak Ok ".Since August of 2018 , the restaurant has served tons of people a taste of Indonesian cooking.

Martabak are an extremely popular food , basically the king of street-food products from Indonesia.This form of stuffed pancake is a delightful treat commonly found in many countries like Saudi Arabia , Yemen , Israel , Indonesia , Malaysia , Singapore , Brunei , and among others.These delicious foods come in two primary varieties : sweet and savory.

If you ever wanted a taste of truly original and authentic Indonesian cuisine,you will be happy to know that is what Martabak Ok is all about.Most of the ingredients are authentic from Indonesia.


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